how to avoid the world’s worst meetings

In corporate world people keep doing meeting, and most of the time meetings are either ineffective or the non productive. here are few mistakes that can be avoided.

1. call meeting fro everything: Do not even think about whether a memo, Email or few call or web conferencing can avoid meeting. A general rule : Have as many meeting as possible.

2. invite everybody to every meeting: Plan to stay every body whole time. Even if only part of discussion are relevant to any one person.

3.Don’t tell anyone what the meeting is for: this way you begin with ” I Suppose you are wondering why i called this meeting”

4. Don’t Use agenda: or if you do, dont give it out beforehand, surprise.

5.Punctuality: Majority meetings never start on time and ends on time, as it has major issue with the discipline of people.

6. Avoid Summaries : Never ask question like what we have decided finally or what we have concluded, remember we are working with smart people they will figure it out based on our discussion

7. Avoid Tea coffeee during as it interrupt the session and lucidity in the flow. if really required then take a break for stipulated time and make your team conscious about the time we are spending on meetings.

it has been observed that company are spending their 20 to 28% time in non productive activity out of that 28% half of the time has been spent in having meetings and not taking action.

Have a value for your time and progress of your organisation. DO share it and remain productive.

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