Where Do You Find Pockets of Peace?

Where Do You Find Pockets of Peace?

Noisy world we live in. People talk loudly on cell phones. Ring tones can be heard in once serene restaurants. Most cars have radios on. Most homes have TVs on. I saw a man chatting on his Blackberry while eating his oatmeal yesterday. Not good for digestion. Each of us – I suggest to you – must find “pockets of peace”.

Time for what I call “The 3 Ss”:

“Silence, Solitude and Stillness”.
At least, find some time (say 15 minutes a day) to be quiet.
“Think. Reflect. Be”.
That best practice will make you soooo much better at work, at home, with self.
Some Practical Strategies:
•  Mornings can set the tone for the rest of your day. Taking a few minutes each morning to focus on self-care “can make a huge difference in your ability to respond gracefully to whatever comes your way,”
• When you are in your car/in a taxi, keep the radio off. Use that time to renew. To observe. To introspect.
• Take 15 minutes before you sleep to immerse yourself in peace. Just chill. Get comfortable with no noise. Get comfortable with yourself.
• Make your home a sanctuary. It’s a wild world (jungle?) out there. Create a deeply peaceful home environment. Reduce clutter. Cut back on the noise. Get one of those mobile water fountains.
• Take a daily vow of silence. This one isn’t just for monks. It’s for smart execs, entrepreneurs, business people.
Big idea here: talking consumes a ton of energy. I can’t believe how much some people talk.
• All day long. On their mobiles. At the water cooler. On the train home. Exhausting just watching them. Be silent for 15 minutes a day(at the very least). You’ll have more energy. More peace.More joy. Better performance.So chase – no, hunt peace down. Fight the noise. Get away from the maddening crowds – at least for a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

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