what stops your business growth

it has been notices in last 15 year of our management consulting Practice, following are the concern area that stops the business growth and the solution are also given here

1. Lack of Vision and mission:   Major Entrepreneur do not have the vision and goal for their business. Due to lack of clarity company top management are not able to take rapid decision and hamper the growth.

Set up clear vision for your company and act now for better tomorrow, speed is the key in competitive market

2. Conflict:  if the company have more than one director or decision maker there are conflict and mis- match in opinions.

Have decision Making system based on the data analysis, this will also reduce the conflict.

3. Recruitment:  If you want to built “A Class” company you need to recruit “A class” People,  if your throw pea nuts you will get monkeys.

Design and Establish your recruitment system that will attract Talent to your organisation

4. Marketing:  Poor marketing and sales management lead to loss of business. Major organisation do not have marketing and sales Strategies and the result is Poor growth.

implement CRM, organised your sales and marketing team, Measure performance of product as well as people, Manage and track your lead…. and never miss any thing of it.

5. Invest in R&D:  Indian companies are spending only 0.9% of GDP in R&D where Israel spent above 4 %, Japan 3.67 % and you see they are master in selling technology.

Invest a fix amount of your sales / profit part in to product development and technology up gradation


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