Types of Quality Audit

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Types of Quality Audit or Quality Inspection

  • “An inspection is a Methodical, Independent, and proved process for carrying inspection  and assessing it objectively to determine the extent to which the inspection criteria are fulfilled.”
  • The inspection Evidence  includes Records, Statements of fact, or other information which are applicable and empirical.
  • The inspection criteria include a set of programs, procedures, or conditions, control plan, drawing or document.
  • In easy language we can say that the inspection is on- point verification exertion, similar as examination or examination, of a process or quality operation system, to insure compliance to conditions.
  • In other words, we can say that the inspection is to check the health of the system.

Types of Quality Inspection

  • There are three main types of checkups as per the Quality Management System that’s mentioned below.
    1. Process Inspection  or peocess audit
    2. Product Inspection  or Product audit
    3. System Inspection  or system audit


  • ,There are some further checkups that are followed by the association like, pre-dispatch inspection, wip inspection, layout inspection, 5S inspection, subcaste inspection, but all are part of any one of the below three checkups.

Process Inspection

  • Process inspection verifies that the processes are carried as per the defined stadnard or not?
  • It verifies the factual system of working against the defined instructions and sets of norms.
  • We can also say that the process inspection or process audit  verifies and insure the overall process of the operations.
  •  It covers all processes in between order receives to order delivered andpost-delivery conditioning.

Product Inspection

  • Product inspection verifies the product or service again the defined norms.
  • In the case of the product, we can relate to the product delineations and client-specific

System Inspection

  • A system inspection is an inspection of the operation system that’s enforced in the association.
  • In another word, we can say that the system inspection is used to check the health of the system.

There are too many systems available like Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Automotive Quality Management System (IATF 16949), Environment Management System (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001), likewise…

As per the requirement of an organization, they implement the system and check against the standard clauses of the particular management system, either rit conforms to the specification or not?

What are Internal and External Checkups?

  • An inspection may also be classified as internal or external, depending on the inter connections among actors.
  • Internal checkups are performed by workers of the association.
  • External checkups are performed by an outside agent.
  • Internal checkups are frequently appertained to as First- party checkups, while external checkups can be either Alternate- party and or Third- party.

What are First Party, Second Party, and Third- Party Checkups?

First Party Inspection

  • In this inspection, the adjudicator verifies the processes against the standard that’s enforced by the association.

Second Party Audit

  • A alternate- party inspection is performed by a client or by a contracted association on behalf of a client.
  • We can say it’s a client inspection and it’s a type of external inspection.
  • This inspection is veritably important for the association because the inspection findings directly impact the business of the association.

Third- Party Inspection

  • A third- party inspection is performed by an inspection association.
  • It’s also known as a instrument body.
  • The third- party inspection is an independent inspection body and it’s free from any conflict of interest.
  • We can arrange third- party checkups for colorful conditioning like instrument, recognition, an award, license blessing, claim check of insurance, etc.

What’s the inspection process?

  • The four way of an inspection process are mentioned below.

Inspection planning and medication

  • The first step is planning and medication for the inspection.
  • In this stage, the adjudicator, the lead adjudicator, and the auditee need to prepare for the inspection, and the inspection ideal must be in inline with the association‘s ideal.

Inspection prosecution

  • The alternate step is called inspection prosecution or we can also say that the field work.
  • The data collection is done in this phase of the inspection.
  • Inspection prosecution includes numerous conditioning like on- point inspectionmeeting with the auditee, understanding the process and system controls and vindicating that these controls workcommunicating among platoon members, and communicating with the auditee.

Inspection reporting

  • The third step is inspection reporting.
  • The inspection report is communicated with the association in this phase.
  • It includes the disquisition and findings during an inspection.
  • The inspection report should be cleareasy to understand, and effective for the operation to take necessary action.

Inspection follow-up and check

  • The last step is inspection follow-up and check.
  • According to ISO 19011,”The inspection is completed when all the planned inspection conditioning have been carried out, or else agreed with the inspection customer.”
  • Also, as per ISO 19011, the verification of follow-up conduct may be part of a posterior inspection

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