Traditional Thinking vs Lean Thinking

lean thinking

what are the difference in Traditional way of doing business and   VS lean manufacturing ( or lean thinking)

Many industries do have a query that what is a lean manufacturing or lean thinking. why should we implement lean practice in our organisation. some industries have objections that we are doing best  and we have no issues then why should  we implement lean practice in our organization.

based on my 22 years of experience the few point of difference of lean thinking and tradition manufacturing are as given below


Difference 1: Product is driven by a deals cast. It refers to a Push system.  VS  Product is driven by client demand. Particulars are only produced when an order is placed. It refers to a Pull system.

Difference 2 : Problems are viewed as just that, problems. VS  Problems are viewed as Opportunity  of improvement. Permanent solution opted by Root Couse Analysis.

Difference  3:  Work in process (WIP) is viewed as a normal part of operations. VS  Work in process (WIP) is a sign that a process needs to be improved and is considered a type of waste that should be reduced or eliminated.

Difference 4 : improve  your business process system disregarding all of the types of waste in the process  VS  improve business system by  Waste elimination and  and  Perfecting current processes.

Difference 5 :  Operation is the primary driver  of change.  VS  Everyone is empowered, trained in the principles of Lean thinking and encouraged to look for ways to eliminate and improve process on continuous basis.

Difference6;  If a process is working good, do not fix it.  VS always look for ways to Improve  Processes. Even best performing process can be improved

Difference 7: Formalized work (people performing the same task in the same way) only exists in documents, SOP,  infrequently in reality.  VS  Everyone performs the same task the exact same way until a better way is discovered; also everyone performs the task of the new and advanced way.

Difference 8: Focuses on training and relies on people to not make mistakes or errors .  VS  Focuses on structure processes that are error proofed (so that a person can not make a mistake even if he wanted to do so).

Difference 8: Revenue is more focused  VS profit or margin focused.

Difference 9: Enhancement Focus Optimizing value- added work  VS focus on elimination of waste.

Difference 10 : Fire Fighting is awarded (reactive approach)  VS Prevention for fire fighting rewarded ( proactive approach).

Difference 11:  company keep over inventory and work in large batch quantity and still not able to deliver on time  VS lowest possible inventory, small batch of production and still meet delivery needs.

Difference 12 : with out inspection material should not be dispatched. If error happen it must be repaired.   VS Material should not be checked. Process must control Opportunity of Error and we must prevent defects.

Conclusion : Even your company is doing best, still  your process can be improved. Every organisation must seek for potential improvement  and must implement lean thinking so that best can become better.

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