Tips to Double sales

Do you want to double the growth and increase the rate of your sales? Do you want to make sure that your sales grow fast? Here are tips to double sales

Follow this tips and get guaranteed success.

1. Sales are 90% Conviction and 10% Communication of your convection.

That just means sales is nothing but just transfer of your enthusiasm, how much you are mental, spiritually, holey connected with your product. When you get a realization of your product that realization will transfer so the topic says double sales is nothing but 90% Convection and 10% Communication of your Conviction.

Convection behind the communication is what we want to brief you today. If you got great convection about your product, know about your product when you get that realization and is really sure about that product, you are convened about your product you just have to enthusiastically present it and it will convene him faster than your communication. You don’t need to communicate to convene. Your body language will help him convene better.

Communications are done at various levels

  • Spiritual Level
  • Intellectual Level
  • Mental Level
  • Physical Level

What is Physical Level?

I am speaking and you are listening and its parsing your eardrum this is just physical level. Someone will listen and will forget it.

What is Mental and Intellectual Level?

This is the level when it touches the mind and its intelligence, touches analytic abilities but there is a level of Realisation that’s the Spiritual level giving a transformation not information.

So what is Sales? Sales are transferring your enthusiasm and that is not actually giving information about the product it will help him transform not inform its important and he will get involved not informed he will get involved.

What will happen is when you are enthusiasm is so much about the product, you are convened about the product your body language will help you inspire him, your touch moves will inspire him and you will see double sales will happen quickly.

So our second tip is

2. Connect with your Customer problems or goals

When you solve either his problems or goals it will help you.

Either you help him solve his problems i.e something bad happened to him in past. Solve his problems he might have gone through some problems in his life. Identify his problems first but some people will say we don’t have any problem, everything is ok in my life, have got no problem and everything is so fantastic. Then listen to me find out their GOALS.

Solving past of future problems something needs to be done than only you will get double sales. Either solve their past problems or help him grow their goals. Our prospect will feel helpless and we will be their requirement. They won’t live without us. We need to do either of the things. Just focus on 2 things either problem of past or improve future. Help him accomplish a goal and become a gap partner make him feel that you are a relief and when you start selling your product he doesn’t want to buy. Nobody wants to buy a product. If we want to sell a product no one is interested but if someone can solve our problem we will never leave him. We are not a salesman we are a source of survival for him. Help your clients understand his needs, understand his gaps and become a gap partner.

Focus on 2 things either his problem or Goal or both of them and become a gap partner.

My focus is to make your greatest salesperson in the world. Are you ready with me? Then look at our 3rd tip

3. Law of Increasing Return

Are you looking for increasing return? So get to know laws of increasing return. When you give more than what you get soon you get more than what you have. You will get more than you got in the past. Don’t get worried try to get more than you provided in return.

What you need to do is go beyond your comfort zone when you stretch you grow. So start giving more than what you are getting in return.

You got to understand its a principle when you give more than what you get soon you get more than what you gave. If you want to increase double sales do not think about what you are getting in return go beyond that. You are focused, your focus should be your client success, my focus is to help you succeed. 

When you focus on this you will find there is no competition you become the competition. Because entire competition is equating with what they are getting in return for their offering. There is no competition. Competition becomes irrelevant when we are ready to provide this.

You want to be a great salesman in the world follow this 3 tips.

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