Things to do when your business is slow.

Is your Business slow down, don’t worry it Happen, there are few things to do recover the slow down business.

1. Run Thank you campaign: Prepare a list of client, Visit your customer and say thank your for being with us

2. Attend All Business Seminar/ Conference:  Attend All business seminar and conference where you may find your target audience, if the chances to get  even no customer still do it.

3. Get back to “Day One Attitude” : The way you have treated your customer, Start treating them in that original way.

4. Prepare Budget & spend: prepare a Budget even a small budget, at  least for 1 or 2 month, and spend money on sales and marketing. Make sure you spend money in the right way.

5. Avoid Unlucky and unhappy:  If you are surrounded by unlucky and unhappy people, who always criticize you.  DO not meet that just stay away till you reach to comfort zone. As this will also lead to mental instability.

6.Recruit People:  Recruit Talented people, if you want to have “A” Class System you need to have “A” class People,

7. Save Money, Spent Money : Do not spent money where there is no productive and profitable out put. Do spent money where you see the return on investment.

8. Motivate your team: if your team feel depressed or they loose hope its a worst case, keep them alive, Challenge them , Show them sign of growth.  And keep them motivated to achieve your target,

9. Think about customer :  Think analytically, What your customer are expecting, what is missing, how missing part can be bridged.

10. Revamp your prices:  Improve your prices, improve your product, Have a look at your competition, Make note how they are better then yours.

11. Ultimate solution : To have a strategy for long term, Data analysis,  day to day monitoring,  Never be in the comfort zone will lead to a successful business & it will not slow down too, I personally guarantee  you.



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