Things Customer Wish To Know About Them

Do You know what customers really want from your business and customer services?

Its a tough question to answer.One useful resource that business owners have in answering this question is research and social psychology.

Below are 10 such studies that reveal things your customer wish you knew.

  • Customer value good service more than fast service:-

Customers are far better at remembering and telling their friends about competent,knowledgeable,and complete service that they receive.Additionally customers cited rude,incompetent and rushed services as their reason to abandon a brand.18% more often than slow service.

  • Customer loves personalization,They will gladly pay more for it:-

In a study researchers were able to increase the average tips that waiters received by over 23%.(without changing service quality)

They accomplish this by having waiters follow up with a second set of mints after they brought customers their check(waiters that bought mint but did not follow up received an average of 7% on their tips).

  • Customers will remember you if you can remember their name:-

Few sounds are as pleasant as hearing our own name.

People are more attentive (and interested)when they hear their name;be sure your small business takes advantage of getting to know your customers by using their name when appropriate.

  • There are more things customer talks about more than a pleasant surprise

One of the most lasting(and talked about)customer experiences is a pleasant surprise:reciprocity(especially when its unexpected)is a very powerful force.

  • Goodwill with customers doesn’t need to be bought with huge expense:-

The concept of “Frugal WOWs” is important to small businesses:creating goodwill with customers have proven to be more about the act,rather than the cost.

  • Customers will stick with your loyalty programs if you get them started:-

Customers are twice more likely to stay with loyalty programs if the programs appear to already be started ;task that seem to be under way are much more likely to be completed.

  • Customer love brand stories and selling through stories is effective:-

A well told story is one of the most persuasive form of writing available.

It is concluded that this was because stories have the ability to “transport”us to another place,allowing brands to leave powerful messages to customer.

  • If you are struggling to innovate,your customers are a great resource:-

A study conducted by institute of management science on the relationship of “lead users”(superstar-customer)and company innovation.Through study of 1193 commercially successful innovations across 9 industries,it was discovered that 60% came from customers.

  • Selling time over money helps customer see the value your brand provides:-

New research reveals that customers have more favourable feeling towards brands they associate “time well spent”with;memories of good times were more powerful than memories of great saving.

  • If you bring up money it makes customers more self-centred:-

It is shown that when people are “primed” with image of money they become more self-interested and less willing to help others .

This reaction can be used by businesses that sell luxury items ,but could backfire with promotion that are associated with doing things for others.




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