The top 8 qualities of a Leader

8 Tips will help you to become world class leader, Leader who leader,  Few qualities of the leader are as given below.


1. Communicator : clearly relate your vision and expect, Keep every thing working toward the same goal.

2. Honesty: Be honest and transparent is vital for developing trust.

3.  confidence : Be confident, Remain cool and calm in any condition, this will also feel your team same.


Effective Leadership is not a Position or Title



4. Commitment : Do what you say and Stick to your word to build the trust.

5. Inspiring:  Help your team feel like a vital part of the company

6. Positivity: Keep your self and team positive all time, in worst case its is your positivity that influence your team & improve their thinking too.

7. Unbiased : Remain objective and unbiased when dealing with others

8.Humanity :Being human and serving your team, They will want to follow you

Leadership is About Influence, Not authority;   Having a title does not make some one a leader. 


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