Course Objective

  • Properly assess competitive situations
  • Develop strategies that go beyond conventional rules
  • Prepare a good defense
  • Succeed as a leader
  • Move swiftly to disrupt your opponent
  • Gather crucial information that gives you a competitive advantage

Course Content

  • Laying plans
  • Win the war
  • Strategic business Attack
  • Use of Energy and resources
  • Use your weakness and strength to win the war
  • Move skilfully & carefully
  • Variation in tactics and market Surprises
  • Occupy Strong Natural Position
  • Know yourself, Know your Opponent
  • Deposition of Military Strength
  • Make victory only option, Plan coordinated Efforts, press Attack, Lear  Winning ways
  • Attack By Fire
  • The use of Spies

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Entrepreneur, Businessman, Vice-president , Managers

The Training Methodology

  • Participatory (Group Discussions, Case   Studies)
  • Cognitive (sessions using Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience )
  • Action plan & based result oriented session.

Duration: 13 session