swami Vivekananda’s winning formula that make TATA

We can find material expression of swami Vivekananda’s winning formula “work, work, work- Let this be your motto” in J.R.D. Tata to a great extent. To avoid the day-by-day biking and focus his entire mind on work, J.R.D. tata made Taj Mahal Palace Hotel his home. In this hotel he had two presidential suites built. One he used for himself and the other was only available for the highest executives for various countries. It is usual for corporation leaders to follow inexorable protocols and elaborate processes of conferences to close business deals. But a work focused J.R.D.Tata has his impeccable style in closing the business deals. J.R.D.Tata has carried out his most important business while travelling in the lift with executives. This is the secret of focus on work.

When you work, work as if everything depends on you. When you pray, pray as if everything depends on god”— J.R.D Tata

Relevance of the formula

Cultivating this winning formula of swami Vivekananda opens the door of success to all. This winning formula will increase their commitment to a great degree. There is no short cut to success. Once henry ford said:

Henry ford on Success
Henry ford on Success

“Three things are required for success. The first thing is hard work, the second thing is hard work and third thing is also hard work.”

Let’s work with productivity

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