Supervisory Skills

Training Objective:

• To transform Supervisor’s Mind-set to be proactive and independent at work
• Learn and understand supervisory management competencies to enhance performance to achieve their Key Performance Areas
• Understand the different styles of leadership and how to use them for effective outcomes.
• Acquire people management skills and become an effective communicator and inspire the employees to take on the new challenges
• Learn Quality Management to solve problems and make decisions as a Team
• Plan the work and work the plan to meet deadlines and achieve targets by effective time management
• Apply positive discipline at work and learn counseling techniques
• Recognize workplace hazards and develops take preventive safety measures

Module Overview:

Supervisory Management Competencies

• Challenges faced by today’s Supervisors
• Supervisor’s Roles & Responsibilities
• Supervisory Key Result Areas
• New Supervisory Management Competencies
• Supervisor Profiling

Leadership, Motivation & Communication Skills

• Essential Components of Leadership
• Leadership Styles
• Motivation at work
• 8 Communication Principles
• Levels of Communication at Work

Productivity & Quality Management

• PQCDSM – Input -Process-Output
• Quality Management Principles
• Kaizen- Continuous Improvement
• Eliminate Muda
• The Problem Solving Loop
• Group Exercises & Presentation

Effective Time Management

• Planning & Organizing
• First Things First
• Deliver on Time
• Avoiding the Time Traps
• The Time Quadrant Application

Employee Relations

• Positive Discipline
• Disciplinary Procedures
• Grievance Handling
• Counseling
• Role Play

Occupational Safety & Health

• Supervisor’s Responsibility towards Safety
• Hazards and Risk at Workplace
• Hierarchy of Safety Control Measures
• PPE- Personal Protective Equipment
• Good Housekeeping

Training Methodology:

 Immersive – (Group Discussions, Games, Case Studies)
 Perceptive – (Film-based sessions, group activities)
 Concerted – (Participants will be involved in 60:40 ratio)