Will a Software System Improve Your Production Planning and On-Time Delivery?

Green Dot
Most SMEs will reach a point where planning production and keeping track of what is in production becomes a challenge.

Sadly, the first temptation of many manufacturers when that situation arises is to look for a software solution. I think the logic is that

“If I can automate my production processes, then I can also automate my business processes.”Unfortunately, things are not that simple. The software will not improve how well your factory meets its customers’ needs.

People improve customer delivery performance, not computers. If you have problems with planning and on-time delivery, adding software will probably make it worse by automating the chaos!

We as lean consultants recommend that the first step for companies is to value stream map their production and supply chain processes.

Next, find the root causes of their delivery problems and then implement a future state map to fix those problems.

The simple Lean visual techniques such as scheduling at one point and load-leveling boxes are usually more effective and responsive than complex computer-based scheduling systems.

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