so what if you end up with less marks,,,

Board examination results are announced or may be announced in next few days, what if you got less marks, i even don’t want to write the name of the few successful people who are successful even though they had been not been to school. Less marks are not the end of the life, not the end of the carrier too…., but like to suggest few thing to consider for the better carrier and better life. There are few things that make you life wonderful

1. Focus on your strength, and liking don’t be a trendy, if some of your friend choose engineering you do not need to choose the same.

2. Always learn the application of the subject or the topic that you may learn in the life.

3. Invest  your time in reading and gaining information, and always apply that information (that’s called Knowledge).

4. Find your role model and learn positive things from them,  if your role model is Akshay Kumar,  mind well he get up at 4 o’clock every morning, never skipped his fitness, Pure vegetarian, and always have good time to go to bed.

5. Have a dream – have a goal and work for it, and work for it with madness like what you ware doing for chocolate or ice-cream when you ware of the age 4 or 5.

6.   Believe in your self, you are a unique person in the universe you have capacity to reach to your dream

7. Less marks in exam is not the end of your happiness,   what ever happen happen for good, there is nothing called as bad luck,


lets fight back, there are lot of courses, lot of colleges, lot of hope. Find one best suited for you, do well, Make friends, and lead your family, respect elder and love every one.

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