Seven Steps Toward Developing A Remarkable Team

No one can win the battle of business alone, How smart you are or how intelligent you might be. You need a great team who will do best for the organisation, they must remain loyal to the organisation and not to the team. Many time it has been noticed that team member are good with each other and developed a good team,, how ever it may not be effective team for the organisation. expertise of 15 of green dot as management consulting and training firm we are reveling the secret of the building remarkable team
Here are some Steps towards Developing A Remarkable Team.

  • Assemble A Team of Doers.If a person selected for a team turns out not to be a good fit,take quick action to correct the choice.
  • Set priorities and make sure all team members have a common understanding of them.
  • Let the team do their job.Avoid micromanaging.
  • Knock down barriers,such as political and resource obstructions,that are keeping team members from accomplishing their goals.
  • Express gratitude frequently for for work well done.
  • Take the heat for any team mistakes without transmitting heat down the chain.
  • Sit Back and “bask in the glory”of the teams accomplishment.

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