Ethical trade initiative

Ethical Trade initiative is an alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organizations working in partnership to improve the lives of workers across the globe. Ethical Trade initiative has developed a code of labor practice – the ‘Base Code’ – reflecting the most relevant international standards with respect to labour practices which will be used as the basis of its work. Ethical Trade initiative member companies are expected to adopt this Base Code, or to adopt their own code so long as it incorporates the Base Code. The Base Code which is accompanied by a set of general principles concerning implementation, provides a foundation for ETI’s philosophy of learning. The purpose of Ethical Trade initiative is to identify, develop and promote good practice with respect to implementing codes of labour practice.

Critical areas include monitoring and verification, and transparency and disclosure, to determine and communicate whether standards embodied in the code are being achieved. ETI members accept the following as general principles upon which to develop or refine their search for best practice. Green dot help you to have documentation, System Development, overcoming the legal requirement as well as to get the certificate in stipulated time.