ISO 29990

ISO 29990 is a quality management system standard for providers of education and training services. ISO 29990 provides a unified model for a quality and professional mode of operation, as well as a common reference point for both LSPs and their clients for the conceptualization, development and delivery of the specified program.

Benefit of ISO 29990

  • Improve marketability – Your business gains global visibility and public trust by showing that you are committed in ensuring the integrity and excellence of learning programmes.
  • Reduce costs – By following the standards required for ISO 29990, you eliminate redundant services from your processes and will be able to analyse and plan ahead in the ever-changing requirements of the industry. By acting swiftly, you minimise potential reputational and monetary losses.
  • Global presence – Green dot stable of international experts are well-equipped to apply a beneficial external view on your processes, thus minimising existing risks and enhancing your reputation within the industry.

why it is important

There are a multitude of LSPs offering similar programmes. However, not all of the providers are competent and effective. With the ISO 29990 certification, the transparency and comparability of the various programs offered by the many providers are increased. ISO 29990 is not only useful for organisations looking for a reputable partner to work with, but it also imposes on LSPs to ensure their consistency in providing quality services and improving organisational effectiveness.

Why choose Greendot

Within Greendot, internationally accredited certification bodies offer services for various management systems. We have extensive experience in auditing and certifying a wide range of internationally recognized management systems, including ISO 29990. Our experienced team of global experts will guide you through the process, from on-site audits to certification. We will help you to identify opportunities and minimize potential risks. By being your partner, your company’s commitment to the highest standards will gain global recognition. Beyond the certification, we also provide you with feedback on the most effective ways to improve your existing procedures and enhance your company’s educational and training programs.