Sales Statistics to improve your sales

Sales statistics, are useful practice to take care of your sales. Again it will help you take Right decision on right time.

Here are few statistic about sales….

1. 48 % of of sales people never do follow with inquiry ( Prospect) :  Biggest loss to the organisation is a loss of inquiry, just because of poor follow or no follow up. How many time you have lost your business inquiry, How stringently you are in touch with your client, Do you have any system that make you remind about it.

2. 25 % of sales people make contact of 2 time and stop: Did you ever observed the calling notes  and the detail about it. How do you monitor  your sales call.

3. 5 % boss / Sales head monitor Sales Date:  Are you able to measure the following data performance of Sales

  • Monthly sales
  • Product wise sales
  • Sales People wise sales
  • No of lead ( Inquiry generated ) on daily, monthly and weekly basis
  • No of opportunity (chances of  Client May buy your product or is higher ) generated in the month, week
  • No of Expected sales in up coming month (so you can plan your production)
  • Call notes – did  you know what your sales people have talked to your inquiry or potential client last time.
  • Meeting note –  did you have record of the meeting your client may have with your team, this will also help you to track the meeting history in case any one of your sales member leave

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