Safety and Environmental Management

Assuring safety and preventing adverse environmental impacts are important issues in process industries. Operability studies combined with accident prevention training and near-miss analysis are effective ways of addressing these concerns. Safety is promoted systematically as part of TPM activities. As With all TPM activities, safety activities are implemented step by step.Certain issues are of particular importance in the process environment. For example, if is particularly important to incorporate fail-safe mechanisms that is, to design equipment that will remain safe even when people do not take the Proper precautions. Assuring safety during shutdown maintenance is also important. In process industries, shutdown maintenance requires considerable assistance from outside subcontractors, as do operations such as cleaning. This makes it doubly important to ensure safety during such operations. Check the skills and qualifications of subcontract workers well in advance whenever possible. Take every practicable step to assure safety, including giving rigorous safety training and carefully supervising the work itself. See Chapter 10 for examples of safety training programs and activities.