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As, sa 8000 consultant we at Greendot take complete responsibility till you get sa 8000 certification. our sa 8000 consultant had expertise in diamond, textile, and other engineering  and chemical unit. Our sa 8000 consultant do have in depth knowledge of the standard.   you need to have sa 8000 certification for your organisation if you are in export business as well as your customer is looking for social compliance.

sa 8000?

SA 8000 is an auditable certification standard that encourages  socially acceptable practices in the industry. SA 8000 streamlines the complexities of navigating industry and corporate codes to create a common language and standard for measuring social compliance. sa 8000 certification can be obtain by any company and any industries. sa 8000 standard ensure best social practices are followed at work place.

Criteria considered for sa 8000 certification

During sa 8000 certification audit following criteria are considered. Our sa 8000 consultant are having a expert services to help you for real implementation with minimum documentation.

  1. child labor- child labor should not be allowed to work in the organisation. Some exception are there.
  2.  freedom of association- A company shall, respect right to organize unions & bargain collectively; not interfere in workers’ organizations or collective bargaining; inform personnel of these rights & freedom from retaliation;
  3.  Health and safety – Proper health and safety need to be taken care at work place. Hazards at work place need to be identified, eliminated, or minimized.
  4. Determination – Male and female to be treat with equality. No discrimination in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination, and retirement
  5. Disciplinary practice – Say no to sexual abuse, punishment and penalty, no harsh treatment
  6. working hours – 42 working hours a week, one leave in 7 days are expected.
  7. Remuneration – all worker need to be paid minimum wages as per government law, or minimum wages to have basic need fulfillment.  over time to be paid at premium rate.

Why to select green dot?

our sa 8000 consultant do have wide knowledge of health and safety that will help you to establish good practice in your organisation.  our sa 8000 consultant are qualified and have good knowledge of labor law which will help you to reduce the cost of implementation, still you can follow all practice. our sa 8000 consultant has worked in many are such as diamond, textile and other industries so we are well aware of the industrial practice. as our sa 8000 consultant had worked with all certification agency, you can select any certification agency and we are there to support you.

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