Quality Circles as Part of QMS

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Quality Circle as part of QMS ISO 9001

Of the many tools and techniques being implemented by various organizations, the most popular and misunderstood one is the Quality Circle concept. Quality Circle is perceived by many organizations in a different way. Therefore it is very necessary that concept & philosophy of Quality Circles in understood at all levels of people in the Organization in the right perspective in order to get the best out of Quality Circle.

1.Starting Quality Circles without adequate preparation :

One of the major contributing factors for the failure of Quality Circles in the Organization is starting the Quality circle without adequate preparation. One of the public sector units issued is circular to all workmen on the formation of Quality Circle and asked them to register with the training department of the company. As they were not trained the workmen went on a tool down strike protesting against the unilateral decision of the management.

2. Quality Circles as a separate entity:

In few organizations, Quality Circles are viewed as a separate Organization by itself, not in an integrated way. Their Organizations have not included Quality Circles functioning as a part of QMS and de-linked Quality Circles in these Organizations have become dormant.

3. Perception by Middle-Level Executives and Supervisors as a threat to their positions:

In some organizations, the middle-level executive perceives that the task performers are encroaching into their hither to the exclusive domain of activities like planning, monitoring, review and evaluation and initiating corrective action.

Even some supervisors misunderstand Quality Circle as a threat to their position because more Quality members would be executing creative ideas and developing Leadership capabilities.

The feeling of superiority, the habit of commanding and demanding by supervisors and executives are also coming in the way of successful functioning of Quality Circles.

A closed mind of these people which makes them refuse to accept the commendable ideas that eminate from the task performer of Quality Circles. A few Organizations failed in Quality Circle activities because of these results.

4. Wrong choice of coordinating agencies:

Another reason very often noticed for the failure of Quality Circles is that central coordinating agency, area coordinators and executive guides not being linked in a proper way and lack of laison between these agencies. If the area coordinator doesn’t have a zeal for building people and making them effective partners in problem-solving Quality Circles are bounded to fail.

5. Working choice of Leaders:

Another major reason for Quality Circles failure is working choice of leaders. Leaders play a vital role in the functioning of Quality Circles and leading them to success. Ineffectiveness of a leader is represented by the irregularity of meetings, not conducting meeting effectively, not allowing members to receive training, domination by a leader, not applying the techniques in a systematic way, projecting himself always to the management etc.

6. Lack of Teamwork :

The members of the Quality Circles not working as a well-knit team and pulling the people in different directions. Domination by few members in the circle meeting in the middle management and top management presentations is also a serious cause for the failure of Quality Circles.

In some, the Organizations desiring to initiate Quality Circle movement should foresee the above potential causes and prepare groundwork and conducive environment for the formation of Quality Circles initiate proactive methods to prevent causes of failure and achieve great success.

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