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We all know that being busy Manager  isn’t the same as being Productive Manger  Or do we?   We know that spending time productively is the best way to build a business, but many of us have a hard time differentiating between what’s actually important and what’s busy work.  And – unfortunately – that’s deadly, as being a busy manager can kill your company.

Business analysts Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal wrote in the Harvard Business review about the dangers of the “busy” manager.  Their 10-year study of managerial habits at a dozen corporations (including Sony, LG and Lufthansa to name a few) repeatedly confirmed that “busy” managers are dangerous to the companies they work for.

The authors warn that because the Busy manager is rushing around the office putting out fires and moving from one project to the next indiscriminately, these types of workers leave no time for actually thinking about their actions – or their consequences.  Additionally, these busy managers don’t have the time or energy to come up with business innovations that will propel their companies into the future.  As you might expect, this leads to dangerous stagnations in corporate thought that can eventually cause the company to fall apart in the face of pressure from both competitors and the consumer base.

Majority of the business manager are spending their time in non- value added activity or on the low pay activity.  Following are the tips for to make your day productive. To become productive manager use following tips


  1. Identify the law pay activity that you should not do as it want make your organisation more productive.
  2. Align you team and delegate the task which are non value added for you but might be high value added for your team member.
  3. Keep track of the task – use soft ware if required ( like MS outlook) to track the task assigned to others or for your own task.
  4. Learn to say no– Keep your schedule plan and avoid the time wasters. Say no to people who just walk in to your cabin and kill your time.
  5. No disturbance: For first few hours of the work do not use phone call, Dont check E- mail as well do not disturb other team member. To do so align your self in the late evening and Manage the things so that you can work with out disturbance
  6. Avoid Duplication of work : Many time Managers do duplication of work like reporting, use good software to avoid duplication
  7. Never offer tea- coffee: Never offer a tea or coffee to your visitor as it will consume more time and you will be less productive.
  8. Spend less time in meeting: avoid meeting, Measure meeting effectiveness, Managers are spending more time in meeting and less in taking decision

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