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How Company Can Benefit Business Process Improvement

Business Process Modeling is becoming a higher priority for business managers and analysts as there is an increasing emphasis in organizations to document, understand and improve their business processes. Managers and business owners are realizing that operating their businesses without well documented processes is just like a pilot who is flying blind without properly functioning instruments and navigation. Well documented and streamlined processes are essential in a smooth functioning of a team as they help ensure consistency, track-ability and focus towards a shared goal.

Business Process Modeling is a combination of various process related steps such as Process Mapping, Process Discovery, Process Simulation, Process Analysis and Process Improvement. Although a holistic business process modeling exercise would cover all these steps in some depth, analysts have found that even a partial modeling exercise that involves a subset of these steps is a good start and yields significant benefits.
Every business follows certain processes and procedures as it goes about creating products and/or delivering services to its customers. These processes differ from one company to the next, even for businesses that are in the same industry producing and delivering the same products and services.

Advantage of business process through our management consultation is as given below.

  • Better Business Agility
  • Reduce cost improved revenue 
  • Higher Efficiency 
  • Database driven decision making system 
  • Better reporting, monitoring and performance system
  • Align business operation with business strategy
  • Improved process communication, increase control and consistency
  • Gain competitive advantage 

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Quality Circle

Quality circle is a tool to solve business (including Manufacturing) problem by involvement of a group of people from different fields or department. It is a structured approach for problem solution

5S Seri, Seiton, Seiso, Shiketsu, Shitsuke

5s (Five S) is basically a tool to improve productivity, Safety, Quality and Developing cultural changes. Its not just a house keeping, its more on process improvement in structured way.


Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a system of maintaining and improving the integrity of production and quality systems through the machines, equipment, processes and employees that adds business value to an organization.

TQM - Total Quality Management

TQM (Total Quality Management) is a tool for cost reduction, productivity improvement by involving employee and developing sense of responsibility, it also aims for zero defect, making customer delight by providing right quality at right time.


Based on analysis of 40000 patents where many contradictions had been resolved by the inventors, Altshuller proposed a set of 40 principles, which can be used for problem solving for a variety of problems. Click on Read more to have a glance at 40 principles.


Get a systematic method of elimination of waste within a manufacturing system. Improve quality increase efficiency by eliminating waste and reducing cost through our LEAN Implementation Methods.

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