5s Can improve your office productivity

Office 5s can Help you Become More productive in office too,

How many time you are not getting your document on time, or finding difficult. How much time do you spent on the getting the information correctly, finding the file etc. How to reduce paper work in office, and improve the staff productivity here is few tips for office 5s.

  • Reduce the number of ledgers, forms, and tolls &like to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter.
  • Pull out all the paper work, files, tolls, & find better ways to store things. People should be able to get anything they need in 30 seconds. You should start a ‘once is best’ campaign to get people to write memos no longer than one page, to have office equipment kept in just one place, to standardize stationery , & eliminate the idea that every one has to have his own copy of everything
  • Shift from the individual – based to group – based work. Standardization & support system (e.g. multi functional worker) are needed to even out the workload.
  • Organize the implement continuous improvement do that the ingenuity yields tangible results (the WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHICH, HOW, brainstorming would help). Make planning tables showing such things as what the plan is , how it is supposed to be implemented, & how much progress has been made. By breading the process down in to steps, it should be possible to standardise & hence to create manuals detailing how each step is to be preformed. There should also be space to evaluate what is happening since this will enable you to identify the trouble spots.
  • study & improve office toll very few of the tools & ledgers that people use in the office were designed for that specific office. There is a thus considerable room for customization & improvement. Paper work should be created around a job not the other way round. Many times you may even find that the best way to improve a form is to eliminate it. Use your imagination. & aim for tangible results.
  • try to keep clean & orderly office. The office is the first place many visitors see. Its safes their firsts impression. Its sets tone for the company. Yet that is just one reason why it is so important that you make  total effort  to make sure that the office is clean – meaning that there is no grime on the ceiling , floor , the walls, the desk, the filling cabinets , or any where else that everything is neat. Even more critical are the benefits that will accrue neatness. Every body will know where things are . information will be accessible .  and a neat office reinforces the pressure on the people to keep things simple & to finish each task as it comes up rather than putting it on a “look at latter” mountain.



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