Never Say 5 things during Sales

Sales and attitude are only 2 problem in any business, Few tips to improve your sales is as given below, Avoid Saying following things during sales.

1.  That’s not my department: take responsibility, Many time people who are not related to the sales very easily says sales is not my department, your customer may call any personal  like your Engineer, Your Accountant or  may be any one, Train your team, better way to say is i ask my Sales Manager to contact you so that she can explain you our product or service in better way.

2. Never say you can trust me :  Saying “trust me” to a prospect isn’t going to build trust and may even have the opposite effect. To properly handle your buyers trust you must understand that people believe what they see, not what they hear.

Always, always show written material to support your presentation or proposal. Make sure to use third-party materials when collecting facts for your customer that support what you’re saying — this adds external credibility to your claims. And you must write down everything you have said, offered, proposed, promised, suggested and implied during the proposal.

3. Its My company policy: 

Nobody ever wants to hear this, ever. This is a perfect opportunity for you to practice the golden rule, because you know you hate hearing it. Nobody cares about a company policy, they care about the service they are provided, so don’t use it as a way to justify why you can’t, or won’t, do something for a customer.

If you have a policy that conflicts with the comfort of the client, either break it, don’t bring it up or come up with a solution before you propose a problem.

Sell the reason. Here are a few startup examples: “Sir, just wanted to let you know, this may not be the best place to…” Or, “Ma’am, I understand you don’t have a receipt and I want to help you with this. I can exchange it for you, would that help?”

3. we are competitive :  The idea that “competition is healthy” is meant for consumers, not salespeople. Don’t compete — dominate.

remember I phone is still dominating the market as smart phone, They never think that we are competing, they are dominating.

4. This might be out of your price range or price is high and you may not be able to afford it:  

Always treat the buyer as a buyer, because in sales anyone who believes they have the ability to pre-judge the ability of a buyer is costing themselves a fortune. I have been told in countless situations that there was no way this would be a sale, but because I treated the buyer like they could do a deal, guess what: they did!

Regardless of them saying they have no money, no budget, they don’t want to pay taxes, they aren’t the decision-maker, can’t, won’t — whatever they tell you, always treat the prospect like they can and will buy.

5 .”I’m off today.”

You must always be open for business. Have you ever received an “out of office” auto-response when trying to contact someone? It’s so impersonal and drives me nuts! Never announce you are closed off to opportunities! You need to do whatever it takes to be open for business, no matter when, no matter what.

Look, I understand, I’m a father and a husband, and there are plenty of times I’m in 10X mode giving full attention to my family. However, business is still getting handled. Tweets and Facebook posts are going out and people who are trying to reach me have no idea I’m on the floor playing with my daughters or on a trip with my wife. I’m still always connected.

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