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3m of muda mura mura

What’s Muda Mura Muri in Lean Manufacturing?

  • The 3M methodology in Lean Manufacturing is basically used in the Toyota Production System.
  • The 3M stands for Muda, Mura, and Muri. This is a Japanese Concept.
  • The goal of Lean Manufacturing is to deliver increased value to the client with the help of barring all kinds of wastes from processes.
  • Now we will understand this concept with the help of illustrations and case studies.

We will cover the following topic in this blog

  1. What’s Muda?
  2. 7 Types of Muda (Wastes) In Lean Manufacturing
  3. What’s Mura?
  4. What’s Muri?
  5. Illustration of Muda Mura Muri Wastes
  6. How to exclude Muda, Mura, Muri Wastes?

What’s Muda?

  •  Muda means waste or we can say that any exercise that consumes resources but does not create value for the association or client.

Types of Muda (Wastes) In Lean Manufacturing

  •  The 7 types of Muda in lean manufacturing are mentioned below.

  • Presently one more waste is added into muda that’sun-utilized talent or skill set.
    Motion or movement loss
    Defective Parts
  • We can exclude all these wastes with the help of Various Kaizen Activities

What’s Mura?

  •  Mura means unevenness in any processor schedule.
  • Unevenness can be eliminated by Line Balancing or Level Scheduling for any process.
  • We can also say mura means variation or change in any process.
  • now and then there are many changes in product demand so it’ll directly reflect on the production planning oscillations. This is the veritably introductory illustration of Mura.

Relate to the below basic illustrations of Mura

  • UnevenClient Demand
  • UnevenProduction Speed
  • UnevenWork Load Distribution
  • Product Quality isn’t consistent

What’s Muri?

  • Muri means overburden on the equipment or on the person
    In other words, we can say that if we’re running equipment on a higher load for a long time that’s called overburden or muri
  • Also, if we tell the operator to work long period of time without taking any breaks that are also
  • We can see this kind of a waste when the product demand is increased at that time machine and operators are working on overburden like in extra shift.
  • So it’ll create the problems like breakdowns, defect generation, etc.

Relate to the below basic illustrations of Muri

  • Working in overtime or for a longer time due to uneven client demand
  • Noise level is very high in the working area
  • The machine is running out of capacity due to high client demand
  • Overloading of truck

Illustration of Muda Mura Muri Wastes

  •  Let’s take one real-life illustration for understanding this concept.
  • One logistic company needs to transport 6000 kg of material from Position A to B.
  • So there are many transportation scenarios that are possible, out of that we will take three different cases for understanding the concept.

Case 01

  • Transportation companies load 6000 kg material in a truck and make a single trip.
  • But the truck’s load caring capacity is 3000 kg.
  • So it’s Muri types of waste. It’s overburdened on the truck.
  • So truck might be leading to breakdowns.

Case 02

  • We can take a second case If the truck makes two trips of 2000 kg in the first trip and the second trip of 4000 kg.
  • This is the case of Mura because there’s the unevenness of materials arriving at the destination place.
  • Due to the unevenness of material now and then it creates problems of handling and warehouse.
  • Also, it’s an illustration of Muri- overburden on an operator to multiple time loading and unloading activity need to do that’s due to two trips instead of a single trip. So these wastes aren’t adding any value to the supplier or client

Case 03

  • In the third case, we make three trips of loading 2000 kg of material on a single trip.
  • So this is an illustration of under loading of trucks.
  • So it’s a Muda means waste.

The only way to eliminate all types of waste we need to arrange two truck shaving a capacity of 3000 kg and make two trips of 3000 kg each.

How to exclude Muda, Mura, Muri Wastes?

  • We can use below various Lean Manufacturing tools for eliminate all Muda, Mura, and Muri wastes.

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