Make one small change a month and have wonderful 2016

change is hard especially when trying to create healthy new habits. According to researcheres it take an average 66 days to form new habit. This is how you can kee new year resolution its all about small changes, one at a time

January – Drink More water

Drink water sip by sip, Do not drink during meal or lunch, Drink water 40 minutes before and 1 hours after your meal. This will help you to have better digestion, reduced excess weight and remove toxicity  from the body.  Drink 1 to 4 glass of water easly in the morning at empty stomach, this will also help you to boost your immune.

February – Keep your breakfast simple

Keep your breakfast simple, Do take it regularly. Start eating home made item rather then going for biscuits or any food. Eat more protein to have a healthy life at later age.

March – Sleep well

Research shows that one quarter of the Indian are not able to have sleep well because of technology. work life balance and personal clashes increased due to over usage of the technology ( like face book, whats app, Games  new on Cell phone etc). Keep away from all technology once you are at home, give more time to your family and sleep well.  Sleep at least by   10 30 and get up by 4 or may be 5 in morning will give you more time to your priority.

April – Keep eye on what you are eating

keep in mind what to eat and what not to. Avoid  fast food. Eat pea nuts with Jagery. Avoid sugar eat jagary will help you to remain healthy even if you have diabetic.

 May – go for a walk

when it comes to exercise, go for a walk its free. At least walk for 40 minutes a day specially in the morning irrespective of age you will remain positive and helathy. Remember

Only healthy and happy people can become real reach

June – Eat Vegetables & fruits  keep fasting

low in calories and full in fibers, you cant go wrong in eating. This will also help you reduce and keep the right weight of your body and able to lower risk of the heat disease, Diabetes and certain type of cancer.

 July – Treat your Employee like a children

Share your vision, give them surprises,  Motivate them, Align them and educate them to achive your business goal a single person can not be able to do any thing. To build a world class company you need world class team. Take care of their family too.

August –  Take action

you have bigger dreams, its not enough, you need to take bigger action too. Even just taking action is not enough  you need to take risk.  take action positively  & promptly

Even wrong decision need to be taken on right time

September –  Spend your time Wisely

Keep out of gossip, Never spend time on Low Value Activity, Spend your time on high value activity. Higher & trained your team so that you can remain free from routine activity.

October – Keep your hobby Alive

You might be a great street cricket player or may be a champion, as you become hectic with the life to  earn more money you might be loosing your interest in your personal life. Make a deal to spend at-least an hour a week to boost your hobbies. i guarantee you, you will be getting more money bu doing so

November –  Be social, Be A good Businessman

call your friend, Call your customer,  wish them on their birthday- Anniversary, keep good Engagement with your neighbors, Celebrate each festival with family , Friends, and your team. Liveliness is a prosperity .

December – Update your knowledge and technology

Spend & invest money in your own company to upgrade the business knowledge, Up grade technology, learn new management principal. Investment in yourself , your team and in your own business is best investment

Invest in your business & your self is Best investment

wishing you a very happy and prosperous up coming year. Keep reading our blog and if you like the matter do share to the other to help them grow.

I sincerely thanks all my customer, Team Mates & their family member to inspire me to enhance business and life of society.



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