Lesson to be learned from Bajirao Mastani

Yes, Learning is every where, Learn the message from the movie Bajirao Mastani.

1. Never Get distracted from your goal – if you want to help other its good but not at a cost of your own goal.

2. Once you are on mission complete it – Mastani was on the mission to take help of bajirao, Initially She was not allowed to meet the king Bajirao, How ever she complete the task and convince him to help her and her nation.

2. Never Fall in love – If you are Married, love your wife you don’t need another mastani in your life, make your wife a real mastani. Extra maritial affair only bring sadness to your life nothing more.

3. Need to have strategies – Never remain in over confident, Prepare well before you meet for any meeting. Bajirao Prepared well for the worst Situation when he meet the King Nizam.

4. Be a King – Remain loyal to your nation, What so ever may happen remain loyal to your nation, To your company, To your Family.

5. Only Happy Family can be Success full – Bajirao can become more successful if he was out of the family issue. if you are not able to maintain family happiness you can be not much successful ( compare to your potential) in your business / profession. So don’t do any thing that bring unhappiness.

6. Be professional – Never take any emotional decision as Bajirao has taken, to leave the ownership as king just because of the personal issue. Keep your personal life and professional life separate and never let any thing to do mash.

7. Do what your Spouse  like – Kashi, was doing each try to keep his man Happy. If you also make your spouse Happy, affair after marriage can be avoided. Do what your partner needs, Likes and good for well being of family.

8. Attack to win – No games are there which can be won without attacking. if you are in to business you also need to Attack your competitor, Strategies, Problems and play to win.


if you have observed other things to learn from the movie do write it. Learning from movie. Amazing. Improve your business with

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