Lesson from the movie Tumhari SULU – Me karsakti hai

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Tumahri sulu, One of the inspirational movie that you should not miss to watch. Here is management lesson that you can learn from the movie Tumhari sulu.

Passion Make you successful

Sulu is passionate to do something in life. Failed and criticized by Many. She keeps trying new and innovative things, without Listening to a negative thought of Her relatives. Only Keeping Passion in your self will make you Successful.

Recruit Right People, Right Method, Right Way

Maria, Boss of Sulu working as head of radio wow Selected sulu based on few mind-blowing HR criteria. These criteria are missed by many organization while selecting people. Hence they have a poor team. For Every selection & recruitment make sure top management ( here in movie Maria) is involved in selection of RJ. She recruited people with following criteria

  • Passion & Hunger to do something in life
  • Look for strength and allot right job for right people
  • Curiosity, courage & positive thinking of people with action will overcome, competent people
  • Select people who think differently and Self Managed ( In whole movie Self Management is superb)
  • Hire people who are happy, Avoid hiring unhappy and unlucky
  • Offer Job security, and take care of them and they will take care of you and your business.

Follow best HR Practice

Some of the Best HR practice has been observed in the movies. Mathuradas and son where Mr. Dubey (husband of Sulu) is working and Radio wow where Sulu is working. You find major changes in HR practices in both organization and their way of working

  • Celebrate the success of your employee – On getting 200calls a day radio wow celebrated Sulu’s Success.  Your organization will reach a new height and will also motivate the team. Your team feels proud, and they become more productive.
  • Never Fire in Public Never Fire your employee (or your Family Member)  Publicly. This action will demotivate your staff.
  •  Offer Right, Job Right People – In a company like Mathuradas and sons, Low pay activity has been offered to Mr. Dubey. If nothing has challenged your staff feels demotivated and helpless.
  • Great-grandson behavior with the Mr. Dubey was shocking. If y0u have same behavior you will definitely have a crisis of manpower and nobody will be touch with you.

Maria Attitude as a boss will make you more successful

– Fire people for their mistake, but they should also feel apologized for their behavior. Forgiveness is best for your team member, as & when her best teammate realized that he misbehaved & then he apologized and Maria accepted him again for a job too.

Everyone working for Their own Goal

Sulu had a wishful thinking to have one new Television. She put all her efforts to get TV. Link personal goal within a Professional goal, and see a result.

Never Deny a gift

Sulu offered a red Kurta to her Husband from her first salary. He regrets & did not liked it. This event had demotivated  Sulu. Whenever anyone in your family or friend offers anything accept it with love. Remember, Respect  Everyone Do have their choices and liking.

Confidence  Affirmation

Sulu had shown Great confidence in whatever she does. She Offers and reminds herself ” Me Kar Sakti hu”  A very positive affirmation. If you adopt Positive affirmation you can overcome any situation.

Being a House-wife you can do more

Find Sulu in you. Energetic, pack with Enthusiastic , Ready to overcome any challenge, Supporting Family and husband any time. Ready to do something in life. If you are housewife try to find out hidden sulu in you.

Make Fan not customer

Sulu created her fan. If you talk nicely with people, Try to understand them and never criticize them you will have a fan in your list.

Build Right Brand

Sulu recruited and the Programme it was named “Tumhari Sulu”  and got hit. A right meaningful brand name with proper marketing will lead to success. Give Proper  Brand name.

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