Lesson to learn from movie GOLD


1. Power of purpose – when you have a bigger purpose, the chances of winning the war is almost sure. Here in a movie, Tapan Das, had a purpose to see India to win the Olympic gold medal and he put all his efforts, neglecting insult, spending his own money, and putting die-hard efforts just you need to have a bigger purpose. If you are a employee and you have purpose just to earn or complete the task, it’s a smaller purpose, when you have a bigger purpose to take your company to the world class level, you will never have a defeat.

2. Teamwork -If you are a coach, or business leader make sure you work in a team like Samrat train and his staff. He exactly understand, all of us can do better then each one of us.

3. Selection of your teammates – You need to understand the selection of your teammate or employees as they are an extremely important part of the organization. Tapan Das selected the team and they left India, but because of a bigger purpose, he again selects all teammates who are passionate about hockey. When your team are passionate, they can build competency, they find the way to learn and develop.

4. Strategies – Raghuvir Pratap Singh is an extremely powerful player as a center forward payer, but his tactics are known to every one and hence your opponent are chasing them. As a coach Samrat keep the trump card of Himmat sing whose skills are not known. It was a vision of the Samrat coach & Tapan Das manager to use the trump card at last, and that was a turning point. In strategy, once you use it, it’s useless, every time you need new strategies.

5. Discipline and impatient – Only discipline will make your team win. Tapan Das – manager miss his discipline and lost the chance to go with the team. Himmat Singh becomes impatient and lost the chance to play in the match, just because of Misunderstanding and misbehaves the team was about to lose the match.

6. Your skill is useless if a team doesn’t win the match – Thakur is highly skilled and played as a center forward, he needs to take a help of Himmant so as to win the match.

7. Some time luck only works – Team India won the match against the Netherlands, it w as a luck. God gives you few chances. Next time you have to improve and make sure you don’t make next mistakes.Learn from the errors.

8. Pakistan lost the match – Pakistan lost the semi-final because they had poor coordination. If your team is not synchronised you can’t win the match.

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