Leadership Lesson from Movie – Airlift

if you want to learn you can learn from any where , from movie too. Leadership lession to be learned from the movie Airlift

Take care of your team

Take care of your team and their family, even in worst period. Don’t forget your emlpoyees and their family is your moral responsibility. You treat them as your family and they are ready to do any thing for you as well may die for you if required.

Build your team

In tough time build your team in such a way that they remain with you and they remain together. If your team is remain with you you will never down mentally.

Never fight

Never fight with criticism and the people who do it ( like Mr John), if you fight it is to win ( like the Mr Katyal make the mejor who served as a security guard, now instead of fighting him he is seeking help). your friend may not help you but your enemies will definitely. – Leadership is to win the war

Remain clam and cool

Your leadership quality will revel only when you remain calm. your decision will be always right if it is taken with peace of mind. In anger you will make thing mess.  – Reamin calm and find solution will make you a good leader and built a great leadership quality

 Never loose hope

what so ever the condition you are, what so ever may happen never loose hope like Mr Katyal  and find way to come out of the problem. Leader find solution and take action. keep trying, if your efforts are in correct direction it will be rewarded appropriately.

Thinking for all

Good leader think for every one with whom he is associate or may be the outsider ( like Mr Katyal think about the kuwati residence as well as his team and the other Indian who ware looking for the help). You may achieve Super success but you are alone its not a grand success.  Good leadership quality think for all.

Make a wise deal

Money is only useful in emergency, if money can buy any thing  it might be the chipest thing you can do. Never afraid to spent money for your employee wellness. Rewards are limitless. Good leader develop Human asset ( More valuable then Money)

Leader develop leader

leader Develop leader and spread hope. They keep people align, use resources, influence people, Build Another leader ( Like Mr Kohli). Leaders are not looking for credit to they just do the best they can do ( like credit has been taken by the Minister, even Mr kohli did not claim it)

Make leadership a hobby

if you want to be great leader ( Like Mr Katyal), be ready for critic ( From Mr Jhon), Be ready with answer, Solution and responsibility

Make Mistake

Leader make mistakes, as they do innovation, and they do take risk. its very easy to comment on mistakes, but to become trend setter you need to do something different – May lead to mistakes, taking risk is best  part of life.



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