Key points to learn from Google’s Digital Wellbeing

What is Digital Wellbeing?

The year of the 21st century is the year of technology. The transformation in technology we have seen is tremendous. From the large heavy bulky mobile phone to the slim very powerful and SMART mobiles with the ocean of applications. The mobile device these days is like the 4th need of human being. We are putting too much attention on mobile, keeps our phone very handy, checking phone several times in an hour without any need. Checking Emails, Social Media, Games and various notifications of the preinstalled apps that are consuming most valuable time you have.

That’s why Google come with new android version android Pie by adding new tool of digital wellbeing. Developers of Google study the feedback of lot many users to design these new tools. That balance users’ life with technology.

For that the world-class tool, which is used by the every top class organizations, a dashboard… yes, a very simple dashboard. In android Pie, a database of mobile phone usage is tracked and recode. How many time you unlock your phone, how much time you spend on a particular app, which notification you check most… etc and many more. It collects exact data of your usage and plots it on a dashboard. One of the best parts of the dashboard is great visuals of data and it helps to data analysis.

After all Action or execution is the most important part of the database analysis. Are you have a great database and very powerful analysis, but the execution is lacking it’s all worthless. That’s why Google comes with a control feature in android Pie. In this part, one can set a time limit for the app or smartphone, after a limit is over the app or phone runs in gray mode, which means no colors in the display. That’s reminding you there is a colorful world out of the screen. That’s meaningful engagement with the beautiful world.

Key points to learn from Google’s Digital Wellbeing

  • Exact Database

If you are a decision maker, then the database is the most impotent for you. As the accurate database, you have the quick and correct decision you have. The database helps you to build confidence and moral support. It sets a benchmark, and then you can grow and sustain.

  • Dashboard analysis

Google shows your database on a dashboard in bar graph presentation, so one can compare the performance of the current with the previous. It motivates to do some more and sustain at the benchmark. By dashboard, gradually one cane rich at the desired goal and sustain.

  • Control feature

As you have a very powerful database and a world-class tool like a dashboard, execution of the results of the analysis is poor, all is worthless. So you need to have a strong power to execute. For the execution of such tools like a dashboard, brainstorming, 5S and KAIZEN, we GREENDOT having expertise. Our team helps you with a hand-holding support. We have result oriented work style.

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