Kanban was originally developed  at toyota,the scheduling approach to manufacturing known as Kanban has revolutionised how corporation and suppliers maximize efficiency in getting products to and from assembly line.When implemented properly Kanban technique minimises waste,avoid overproduction,and ensures quick response to change the problems.

“When you have lots of inventory,you are always one part short”.

Kanban is logical lean manufacturing tools for producing things in a very efficient way on a as needed basis.

The word ‘KAN ‘means ‘visual’ in Japanese,and the word ‘ban’ means ‘card’.So kanban refers to ‘visual cards’.

Kanban cards are used to schedule and track production from inventory to manufacturing and delivery.

Here are 5 steps to take before you work with Kanban:-

  • Identify stages in your project:Capture them on a board.Each stage is a column.Cards represent the task that have to go through in process.
  • Limit Work In Progress:Limit maximum workload on specific stages.Because tasks are pulled from column to column not pushed,each stage can only work on as many tasks as the next stage allows.This way you won’t overload your team members and can identify bottle necks.
  • Manage Flow:Is cycle time going up or down?Where are bottlenecks?Is something struck somewhere.or should task be merged/split up?
  • Explicit Policy:Identify and define policies for standard tasks,tasks with fixed delivery date,intangible tasks,etc .Make sure that when exceptional task are well integrated into the process.
  • Feed Back Loops and Continuous Improvement:Talk about what worked and what didn’t. Identify bottlenecks and fix them. Kanban is evolutionary and lives up experiments you do with WIP’s,policies etc. Run the experiment using a scientific method.

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