Join Entrepreneur Club Surat

Welcome To Entrepreneur Club Surat

Purpose of the club –

Intention of the entrepreneur club is neither to earn profit nor to promote our services. It’s purely designed to develop Entrepreneurship Skill and Managerial Skill of the industrialist to take a leap in their business. We just need your commitment and time as our team is also spending time and efforts to charge you from different soft Skill training.

You are requested to share the link with your reference and can help them grow.

Training we offer Free Of Cost

1 Battlefield to board room  To Be Announcement Saturday
2 Designing business model  To Be Announcement Saturday
3  Brand building  To Be Announcement Saturday
4 Grow your business with analytics  To Be Announcement Saturday
5 Business development using digital media  To Be Announcement Saturday
6 Attract, retain and get best out of people To Be Announcement Saturday
7 Stay stress-free To Be Announcement Saturday
8 Effective sales in 21 st century To Be Announcement Saturday
9 Expand your business by process management To Be Announcement Saturday
10  Remain free, be productive To Be Announcement Saturday
11 Focused improvement To Be Announcement Saturday
12  Commerce to e commerce To Be Announcement Saturday

Method of training-

Each Training will have Audio visual, Presentation, games, worksheet and assignment to take best of the material

Terms & Conditions:

  1. 12 training in 12 months; 2-4 hours each.
  2. Venue:  Surat
  3. Training will be on entrepreneurship, productivity, team building, as schedule below.
  4. Non-refundable membership fee is 6000 one time per person for green dot client. For other person it is 12000rs.
  5. Attendance is a must for 10 number of training out of 12.
  6. If you fail to attend 10 training, on absenteeism of each training one cheque will be deposited in our account.
  7. On attendance of each Training,  Each cheque will be returned to you as it is.
  8. Proxies are not allowed.
  9. Designed only for Director, Proprietor, Manager, Engineer. This Training is designed for only the targeted segment.
  10. All training are result oriented to make entrepreneurs world class.
  11. Training material is free. Training Program will be in Hindi, English. Training Material will be in English only.
  12. Training will not be kept on Sunday.
  13. Don’t be late, if you are late more than 30 min, It will be considered as you are absent.
  14. A session will start on stipulated time.
  15. We reserve the right to alter Trainer & Training topic. Mostly Training will be conducted by Mr. Trivedi Or Mr.Amish Desai.
  16. Reach on time, keep your cell phone to turn off mode.
  17. Minimum batch size will be of 50 People to start the session.

Any Changes in Date Will be informed to you prior to 15 days in case of any emergencies. 

Note: PAY 10 CHEQUES OF RS 6000 ( PER PERSON)  IN FAVOUR OF QUALITY DIGEST, SEND IT TO OUR OFFICE ADDRESS – Quality Digest, 14 Akar Apartment Tithal Road, Valsad, Gujarat. India. 396001