Fact About Domino’s Pizza

50 % of the Stake of the domino’s Pizza was trade just at price of use Volkswagen car

The year was 1961 just a littel under on yea after brothers top and james  Monaghan had purchasea pizza restaurant. Dominick’s for $500.  After eight months, of running Business as a partnership james Monaghan got the Bright idea to trade his take in the business to his brother, for used Volkswagen Beetle,.

Fast forward 38 year and top Monaghan decided to retire and sell most of his stake in the company that was now known as Domino’s pizza. He got a bit more than the price of the used Volkswagen  beetle though. Specifically he sold 93 % of his take for one Billion Dollars. One can only imagine the awkwardness at the Monaghan Family gatherings. “ Hey, so how’s that beetle running?”

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