its all about Indian Army

weather its a battle field or war all the time our solders have performed well. Just for your information when our solders have to attack to the post at height the ratio of the attacking solders are 1 :10 means if the Pakistani solders are at hill we need 10 solders to take over their 1 solder ( same law apply to fight with your competitor if they are at higher level compare to your situation). There are no chance of making mistakes. If solders make mistake there dead body come home. ( In business most of the time we have chance to recover our mistakes, but some time its not the case). when the Solder starts for the battle, they know most of them would be dead and most of them are in worst condition then dead. yet they write last letter to their family, friend and relatives. still they go and fight for people like you and me. Their Family also have threat that any given time a sad news may come, their children are missing them for more than 6 month or so. Even in certain condition they are not able to communicate with their family for a longer period.

During my seminar, I have asked our feature leaders, student, businessman, professors, social worker many of my lecture that why do our solderes do these and i got different reply that they do it for national flag, Patriotism, Uniform, they just do it for us. when i asked them, if your army is doing a good job for you do you know where are they doing, when i asked our collegians to show newyork, chicago,hong- kong they are well aware about the location and can show in the map, but unfortunately they even don’t know siachen or cargil on the map. Is this what we are expecting from our new generation?

we can contribute in many ways for better India, write your comments.

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