Human Resources issues…..Solution is here

when we talk about Business Survival or Business Growth, you need a team to perform.  The major issue of the company is not getting the right people or might be Sustaining talent.  here are some solution how can you resolve the issues,


1. Show them the carrier –  Inform your member that after few months of few year where they will be, what they will be earning, what could be their position, and status. Also inform what skill and talent up gradation they need to do to reach to these forecast result.

2. Believe in your brand –  Assure them that they are working with the one of the reputed company, and it its success story. Many team member do not know where they are working and the talent about the company or may be the few of the team leader.

3.  Design Policy and give them freedom – Give freedom too work, Motivate them to take challenges and responsibility. Focus on the end result, Method of Achieving those result is a secondary part ( it is important too). Design policy so that if any team member could not make mistakes which is a huge loss making.

4. Avoid Micro Management – Do not focus & involve your self in the small task, Matter or issues, even small mistakes, Just keep a good watch .

5.  Limit them – Attitude is a big issue, if you find your team is not ready to change, Not ready to lead and develop, inform strongly no Progress.

6.  Be selective – Select the people who are dedicated, ready to learn, ready to take work pressure, want to progress, Create every worst Situation to taste them for 15 days, if they Stay he is a gem for your company. Never loose such a talent retain them at any cost.


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