How to hire & Keep Best Employees – with HR

Everything you need to know to find, Hire and retain the best people put there. to do so you need to have the best in call HR management resources.

1. Start looking for the best good people before you need them

By gathering a hit list of the excellent people in advance you ensure that you not only can complete the hiring priceless more quickly, it ensure that you hire better people in first place.

2. Be oriented on the right Skill

  • ability to work in a team work structure
  • ability to communicate verbally with people inside and out side an organisation
  • ability to obtain process information
  • technical knowledge related to the job
  • ability to create written reports
  • ability to make decision and solve problems
  • ability to plan organize  and prioritize job
  • proficiency in computer and software program
  • ability to influence other and get things done

3. Ask these five question 

these are five question to help leaders get to know their top talent in a conversion that can pave the way for finding assignments and opportunities that will build their capabilities in alignment with their long term goals.

  • what are your proudest accomplishment and biggest disappointment, why?
  • what activity energies you and drain you?
  • how would you force rank the following rewards,
    • financial gain
    • power and influence
    • lifestyle
    • autonomy
    • affiliation
    • intellectual change
    • competence
    • recognition
  • if you died tomorrow what you want your legacy to be?
  • what is your five year carrier goal? if you don’t have one what is your best guess?

4. Pay well 

Good people are expensive, if you need best in class people you need to pay well. How ever reverse  is not true expensive people are not necessarily good.

5.  Offer  great Opportunity 

these items are very valuable then the pay cheque

  • the kind of project they are working on
  • the people they will be working with
  • the style they will be working under
  • the nature of the company as whole.

these five best HR practice will help you to get right talent and retain the best people.



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