How to Attract & retain Talent

Right company are not getting right people and right people are not getting right candidate. Having competent people in your team will make you free and productive. For Attracting Talent & to get recruited in your company follow Tips

1. Define criteria:
a. What specifically needs to get done by when? You’re not filling a slot; you’re moving                    your business agenda forward.
b. How will success be quantitatively measured? If you don’t have reasonable metrics, you              won’t know whether you have a top performer.
c. Why would the right person want this job? The best candidates can pick and choose, so               you’d better figure out why they’d choose you.
d. What are the common attributes of your top performers? Define the hard skills, soft                     skills and personality that your top people share.

2. Develop a recruitment plan :
a. Prepare a correct Job description
b. Provide innovative Funciton tile
i. Example ( less effective): Java Developer
ii. Effective Example : Java developer who love developing gaming Solution
c. this is important. Rather than writing a dull-as-dishwater job description, pretend that               you’re writing a personal note to the ideal person you’d like to hire. Use this personal                 message as your job description
Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in a Java-centric software                                        development environment. Must exhibit both innovative thinking, ability to work                        in a team and leadership skills, preferably in the research and development of                                medical devices.
This job is all about building software that helps doctors heal people and save lives.                      You’ll be part of a creative team that designs and implements the software that                              runs some of the most advanced medical devices on the planet. Your skills in Java                        programming will make those devices easier to use and thus able to help more                              people. You will be making a big difference to the lives of many people.

3. Treat Candidate like customer
Remember every candidate has friends and colleagues!)Instead, treat candidates like                   customers. Make sure that everyone who applies is given a genuinely fair shot at being               considered, and that he or she receives follow-up and closure regardless of the outcome.
Think of it this way: the goal for each phone and in-person interview is to have the person         enthusiastically interested in getting your job, even if they are not a good fit.

4. Limit the no of candidates:

       Make your filtration in such a way that only talented people will get a change to have                  competition. Refine your search

5. Use social media:  Such ass face book and LinkedIn for head hunting. Majority organisation are yet not using the power of social media for recruitment

6. Appreciate & Support:  Appreciate  smallest achievement of your team member and Support on their failure rather then firing then, build culture and have growth

Hope the article is help full to have better talent in your organisation and able to overcome your deficiency, if you need further guidance on HR management please drop mail in  or call 81 410 420 60 

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