How do you play in your Business match is Important

if you have seen any of the game like cricket, foot ball, Base ball, basket ball, Tennis or even few board game like chess.  you will win only when you play to win, there are player, some time they play to win, some time just play not to loose……

Are you playing your business match to win?  or not too loose, its very important.  when the score is more than 350 run, its seems difficult to win, many team players loose the game. Same happen with the business and lets learn how to avoid loosing, and keep winning all time.

1.  Strong believe that you are going to win the business battle – it may be in sales during taking order from customer, or may be negotiating with supplier or your team or may be not compromising quality.

2. Put Strategies –  Make sure no game has been won with out Strategies, Napoleon or Alexander or Shivaji Maharaj, or M.S.Dhoni won the battle as they have clear strategy.  Create your business strategy.

3. Up or out – if your team is not fit mentally or physically or for new learning, change them alter them, Every game has a new player, if you keep playing with old and non performing player, you will never with business battle.

4. Attack –  AS you know to win the match you need to attack, No match has been won by playing defensive. Do not believe  Rethink. You need to design in strategy when to attack, but with out attacking you will never win a match,

5. Innovation – if you win with one strategies it does not mean that you will win for ever with that strategies. Keep changing your strategies and remain unpredictable in the market.

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