What is HALAL Certificate?

Halal certification is a process where a credible organisation certifies that the products and or services offered by a company meet the specified halal standard. In the case of halal food certification, every stage of food processing is examined, “from farm to table”. Halal certification tells Muslims that they can lawfully consume a company’s products based on syariah principles. This provides consumer confidence and prevents any confusion about the halal status of a product. Halal certificates are given to companies that meet the criteria and they are allowed to use a halal mark on their products.

What is halal food?

Muslims choose to eat halal food because it meets requirements that they believe make it suitable for consumption. Halal originates from rules set out in the Qur’an and the Hadith (the Prophet Muhammad’s example), which have been followed throughout generations of Islamic practice.

As a concept, halal does not only pertain to food. Halal means “permissible” and can refer to any aspect of life covered by the teachings of Islam.

Halal is a part of sharia as a system of morals to guide Muslims’ actions and behaviour, but this should not be confused with halal as part of a codified system of sharia law. Halal prescriptions might be considered by observant Muslims to be religious obligations, but Australia is a secular country and halal forms no part of any Australian law.

As with many aspects of Islamic practice, the definition of halal food is a contested issue. For example, there is disagreement within the Muslim community about whether stunning animals before slaughter produces halal meat. Both sides draw on Islamic teachings and traditions to support their positions. Disputes such as this highlight why halal certification is important for Muslim consumers.

Why Halal Certification?

When the company gets Halal certificate from an authority foundation, it shows the customers that the relating company produce in a high quality level product, because the Halal Certificate contains the most ultimate level quality standards. So, it is a very significant tool for the company and take advantage than other competitors.

Which industry sectors request Halal certificate?

Prominence sectors of requesting Halal Certificate are

  1. Red and white meat products,
  2. Flour products
  3. Dairy products
  4. Halvah and sweeties products
  5. Macaroni
  6. Fat products
  7. Cosmetic sectors

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