How to Give an Effective Employee Evaluation

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Employee evaluation is now a days Talk of  Town. Every industries, industrialist, And Employee   is talking about Employee Evaluation. Industrialist and specially SME Sector are confused, how to Evaluate Employee. If, Industrialist, Don’t offer proper increment  (Or reward and recognition), have a fear that good team member will leave the company or may be working with out putting his heart. Some time Industrialist, they offer more than required to Staff and the costing is not managed.  Some time Right People is mis judged, and paid less then expected. What to do?  For employe Evaluation.

With Last 17 year of Experience, Here are are step by step guide for the work.

Define Expectations

  • Define what is expected of the employee-  Define their Role and Goal, and Explain them their goal and role  in the organisation
  • Make sure goals are measurable and observable – Keep Monitoring of Goal on regular Level and Take appropriate action.

Create Goals           

  • Discuss the goals with the employee
  • Obtain the employee’s agreement and signature

Provide Written Evaluations

  • Every Week, Month,six months, discuss performance
  • For struggling employees, consider once-a-month evaluations
  • Ensure written performance reviews reflect the entire evaluation period

Maintain a Performance Record

  • Make written notes throughout the year
  • Do both praising and correcting—in real time

Ensure Integrity of Evaluation

  • Written comments should be factual, detailed, and constructive
  • Performance criteria shouldn’t be changed after the review
  • Evaluations shouldn’t digress from the measures initially defined

If you would like to set up the Practical Performance Management System, we are hear to help you.

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