How to form a new HABIT

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Tired of setting goals and not achieving them?The trick is to chip away at your goal in small, increase mental steps.In other words, when you know how to form a new habit, then you can turn success into a series of daily actions. Here are quick 8 easy steps to form a new habit.

Focus on one new habit

It’s important to work on only one habit at a time.That way, your store of willpower can be channeled into completing that one habit, increasing the odds of success.

Commit for a minimum of 30 days

The length of time really varies from person to person and habit to habits.You’ll find that some habits are easy to build while others require more effort.

Anchor your new habit to an established habits

“After I get to my car from work, I will change into my workout clothes and work for 10 minutes.”

Take baby steps

Create a micro-commitment where it’s impossible to fail.It’s more important to stay consistent and not miss a day than it is to hit a specific milestone.When you have a low level of commitment, you’ll be more likely to get started.

Make a plan of Obstacles

Prepare and anticipate that obstacles will come.Then, you won’t be blindsided by them.Use “If-Then Planning” to take preventative action.

Create Accountability for your habit

Track your efforts and make public declarations about your new habits.You’re more likely to follow through with a commitment when you’re being observed by others.

Reward Important milestones

Focus on building a reward system into the process so you can take time to celebrate the successful completion of your goals.The reward you pick is up to you, but it’s important to celebrate those big moments along the way.

Build a new identity

It’s better to decide that the habits is simply part of your identity and then use each “small win” as a way to demonstrate that it’s who you are on the inside.

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