Flip-kart Sold to Walmart – Success stories of Flip-kart

Flip-kart  Co Founder & Executive Founder sold his Entire stake in the company to Walmart, Economic time reported last day. Sachin Bansal along with Binny Bansal co-founded flip-kart in 2007. Binny Bansal will be replacing Sachin Bansal for second time in Flip kart. Earlier in 2016 Sachin bansal was force to drop down from the post for his poor performance. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal bother served to amazon in past years.

wall mart said it will acquire 77% of share in Flip-kart

wall mart agreed to pay 16 Billion ( Approx 10,77,60,64,00,000 INR), The reminder of the business will be held by the investors, including co- Founder Binny Bansal Tancent, tiger global Microsoft.

About Sachin Bansal- Sachin Bansal was born in Chandigarh, His father is a business and mother is Housewife. He had completed Graduation in computer science from IIT, Delhi. Binny and Sachin both ware Classmates.It is said that their tuning as partner was amazing during college days as well as in business.

When top management alignment are great company can Perform Excellent

Take risk – Sachin and Binny has left the company and started their Own. Presently Flip-kart is Competing in India with Amazon.

If you take risk You may die, if You take calculated risk You will be the winner.

  • Bit them Or Join Them – Potential people left Amazon and Bansal Started their own. Amzon is facing moderately good competition from the FlipKart. Flip-kart Acquired Mytra.com and many other Site. Your Decision to Make your company big Should Be powered By Clarity

Retain talent,Keep Your HR practice at it best

  • Early, Great start is half done: in 2007, there ware only few E-Commerce Business. Those days, very few industrialist predicted that this business will also grow. And now a days its only growing industries. Those days people belief was, How can we buy goods without Seeing and Feel.

Invest in Future business, which is not hot today.

  • Exit Pay you well – If your Exit are designed, probability of getting great business will increase. Last year Snap Deal failed to Exit correctly and Made a loss in Deal.

Clear Exit, create great business 

  • Creativity and Innovation work –  Flip-kart has started the concept of Cash On Delivery. This is a game changer for the Indian Economy.

If you can see invisible, You can do impossible

  • If You Survive wisely You can Win the war – Qall mart did not grown up, in last 15 years. in 2006  Walmart did a business of 214 Billion US$, Amazon was 17.7 Billion US$. In 2016 Amazon Become 384 Billion US$ & Walmart Just 213 Billion US$.  Buy entering in India Walmart Expecting great Growth. I would like to mentioned here Grocery Market in India Is Biggest Compare to Fashion, Book or Electronic

Play well, Keep Patience, Survive Through Strategy, Hit at Right Time And Hit Hard

Lets see the Amzon, reaction on the Deal and Next Action.


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