Encouraging A Team Working Environment

Here are 27 Ways To have better team work and better working environment.

  • Cooperate:Cooperate with your team.Don’t put stumbling blocks down.
  • Aknowledge: Aknowledge your strength and weaknesses.
  • Engage:Engage the other members of the team.Chat,say Hi,and communicate.
  • Privacy:Address concern in private.
  • Ask:Ask for clarity if you are confused.
  • Open:Be open to other ways of achieving the tasks.
  • Dispute:Resolve dispute quickly.Go directly to the offender and address the issue.
  • Discuss:Discuss frequently.
  • Suggest:Suggest alternatives if there is a problem.Don’t just complain.
  • Feedback:Ask for feedback on how you are doing as a team player?Listen and make changes.
  • Offer:Offer feedback after you are asked to give it.
  • Help:Help one another succeed.
  • Compliment:Compliment team members on success.
  • Share:Share the limelight.
  • Relax:Relax.If you are under a lot of pressure,let the team know.
  • Party:Party out and celebrate.Have a party.Do things non-work related.
  • Team build:Get to know one another.Build the team from the ground up.Know who is part of the team.
  • Scrap:Be prepared to scrap a project if it’s not working out.Go directly to the team and discuss fully.
  • Forgive:Forgive one another when mistakes are made.
  • Contact:Keep close contact with the team.Ignore outside chatter that might interfere with the team.
  • Set Rules:Set some ground rules.How will you deal with conflict?What do you do when you want break?
  • Appoint:Appoint people roles.If you need a time-keeper,appoint someone.
  • Listen:Listen to spoken and unspoken words of the team.
  • Try:Try new things with the team.Don’t get stuck in your rut.

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