Effective meeting, Productive meeting

73% of meetings are non-productive and Time waster. We will be learning today that how can we make the meeting most productive.  Here are tips to make sure your meetings Effective.

1.  Avoid Meeting

the first step is to seek the alternate of meeting. Many things can be sorted out on the phone, video conference, or by dropping a mail.

2. Predefined agenda

Before meeting, communicate with team members about the agenda and ask them to get it prepared.  34 % meting are just to share information and people offer their opinion.

3.  Focus on goal

Define the meeting goal. Make sure you reach to your goal in the meeting. Avoid gossiping and unnecessary discussion. 18 % meeting is ended without any conclusion

4. Cost Of meeting

Considering participant salary, define the cost of meeting. If the cost of the meeting is not generating enough output to avoid meeting. This formula will help you define whether you need a meeting or you can avoid it.

5. No- Formalities

It has been observed that people spent a lot of time inviting for a meeting, waiting for team members to come or spending time having tea and coffee.  This is a big-time waster.

6.  Discipline meeting

well defined meeting timing will help you make your meeting more productive. Maintain well discipline about the start time and end time.

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