Do you feel pressure to perform?

This Pressure to perform is simply a fact 0f business study and 15 years of intense study has shown us that urgency really does not make the work day.

  • lack of direction makes a day stressful
  • Seeing good customer leaving your organisation make your days stressfull
  • finger pointing makes day stress full.
  • Bureaucracy makes the day stres full.
  • Being Micromanaged Makes theday stress full

we found less strain, less anxiety,  less exhustion, at the high speed companies, we studied the create a more predictable and productive work place  focused with a clear direction, guidence principal, and a determination that is to keep keep and grow the right customers.  yes there is a pressure to perform, but helpfull feed back from managers , clear accountability, no second – guessing, and great leadership turn performanve pressure from mountian to molehill.

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