Do Good to Feel Good

So easy to forget this one: doing good makes you feel good.  Being
kind to a co-worker not only enables and elevates them – it lifts your
mood. Adding outrageous value to a customer and making them feel
like the VIP that they are not only makes them your goodwill
ambassador (spreading word of your services like a virus) – it unlocks a
wellspring of positive sensations inside of you. Going the extra mile for
your spouse or your child not only leaves them better than you found
them – it helps you feel connected to the ones you love (which
promotes happiness and fulfillment).
Not only do good things happen to good people (life’s got this really
fair accounting system; Nature must have an MBA in accounting), but
people who do great things get to feel great feelings.
This isn’t some “soft” idea (and if ideas like these are so “soft” why are
they so very hard to do?; anyone can be cranky or unkind or
Being positive and kind and excellent takes a lot more discipline and
No, this thought I’m sharing isn’t “soft” at all. It’s a practical, powerful
insight that will lead you to real results – in your business life. In your
personal life.  And in your inner life.
Do good for people.
Do good work.
Think good thoughts.
And be good to yourself.
Good things will happen.
Okay, I’ll stop using the word “good” now…it’s just that it feels so…good.
Oops-did it again. Sorry. 🙂

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