Decision Making


A decision is a judgment or choice between two or more alternative and arises in an infinite number of situations from the resolution of a problem to the implementation of a course of action. manager of people, by definition, must be decision makers.

Part of a manager’s role is having to make a series of large and small decisions. reaching the right decision in every situation is an ambition that is well worth striving to achieve.

Course Objective

To develop everyone to have good communication skill

Course Content

  • Base of Decision making
  • Why your decision goes wrong
  • Know about DSS
  • Points in developing Communication skill
  • How to overcome barrier to effective communication
  • Expertise tool for Effective Communication

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Anyone

The Training Methodology

  • Participatory (Group Discussions, Games, Case   Studies)
  • Experiential (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Cognitive (sessions using Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience & Popular Culture)

Duration: 3 TO 4 Hours