Control your Thoughts, control Your Destiny

You’ve heard it a thousand times in a thousand different ways: you become what you think about. And the thoughts you use become self fulfilling prophecies. Expect extraordinary things to unfold for you, and
they will.
The motivators say it. The teachers say it. The sages say it. Ever wonder why? I think I finally understand why the idea is truth. It’s not some esoteric philosophy. It’s simple logic. Here we go:  The actions you take each day create the results of your life. And since every action you take has been preceded by a thought (thinking truly is the ancestor of performance), what you focus on really does drive your reality. British Prime Minister Bejamin Disrael said it so well when he observed,
“You will never go higher than your thinking.”

A human being will never act in a way bigger than its thoughts. Dream big and your behavior will follow. Think small and you’ll play small. This concept cascades throughout every dimension of our lives.
Think people are good and you walk through your days with an open heart. And that behavior actually becomes your reality because people do good things for good people.  Think you deserve the best and your actions will reflect that confidence. Better actions will then drive better results.  Expect to be one of the great ones in your career or within your country. That brilliant thinking shapes the way you work and the way you show up in general. And that world-class conduct presents world class outcomes.
I hope I’ve expressed the point clearly. It’s a big idea that is so easy to neglect as obvious. Your thoughts shape your reality. Your thinking forms your world. What you focus on expands. And what you dwell on
determines your destiny.

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